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About Radiant Images Laser Clinic

Radiant Images Laser Clinic has been providing laser hair removal treatments, laser skin treatments and a variety of other skin care treatments and procedures. We are committed to providing the latest physician-provided products and technology, administered by licensed, certified medical professionals, to an educated patient.

The "Clinic" is Located in the San Francisco Bay area, Radiant Images Laser Clinic provides laser hair removal and skin treatments in San Ramon and Cupertino California.

San Francisco Bay Area Locations

Radiant Images Laser Clinic services the San Francisco Bay area with treatments and procedures offered in two locations; San Ramon and Cupertino.

Our Staff

You will find our staff friendly, knowledgeable, and professional … so there is no need to feel embarrassed about your particular hair or skin problem. We’ve seen and treated every skin type and hair type … and treated every part of the human body. Trust us, we’ve seen it before, and it’s no big deal for us! Radiant Images Laser Clinic prides itself on being gender-friendly, treating men, women and trans-gendered clients with equal respect and courtesy to all.

Dr. Helen E. Matthews, MD

Dr. Helen E. Matthews, MD is the Medical Director of Radiant Images Laser Clinic, A Professional Corporation

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