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Reverse The Signs of Aging

The TITAN Procedure™ is the first light-based solution to Tone, Lift and Tighten skin to reverse the signs of aging.

Radiant Images Laser Center performs the TITAN Procedure™ in two San Francisco Bay area facilities, San Ramon and Mountain View.

A TITAN Procedure™ is a non-surgical facelift that tones, lifts and tightens sagging skin on the face and neck. The TITAN Procedure™ can tighten your abdomen, hands and other parts of the body that have sagging skin.

Reverse the signs of aging without surgery

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Skin Tightening with Titan - before & after picturesThe Titan Procedure™ is a safe, comfortable and non-surgical process that uses a unique tailored, infrared light source to tighten skin and reverse the signs of aging. The procedure treats lax skin throughout the body such as the abdomen, thighs and arms. The Titan Procedure™ is also used to tone, lift and tighten skin on the face and neck.

The Titan uses an infrared light source to heat the dermis to cause collagen contraction while preserving the epidermis through continuous cooling. The procedure can be done non-invasively on all skin types without any pain medication. There are no disposables and little if any downtime.

Titan can stimulate long-term collagen rebuilding that leaves patients with younger looking skin.

• Safe, comfortable, non-surgical
• Treats lax and redundant skin throughout the body
• Can stimulate long-term collagen rebuilding
• Continuous epidermal cooling
• No single use disposables

After pre-cooling prepares the area, continuous cooling is used to protect the epidermis during treatment. Sufficient heating can denature collagen fibers and provide immediate collagen contraction. As heat spreads from the treatment area, post-cooling protects the epidermis.


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Wavelength 1100 - 1800 nm with tailored spectrum
Fluence 5 to 65 J/cm2
Spot Size 10 x 15 mm
Energy Control Closed loop photometric
Epidermal Cooling Continuous epidermal
temperature regulation
Exposure Indicator Audible tone and LED indicator
Treatment Cycle 4 to 10 seconds


“Cutera has always been an innovative company—first, with the upgradeable 1064 nm Nd:YAG CoolGlideTM platform, and now, with their approach to tissue tightening. I am excited about the potential of combining the deep tissue heating response using the Titan with a superficial, non-ablative treatment.” Suzanne Kilmer, MD, Director, Laser and Skin Surgery Center of Northern California.

“We are very impressed with the Titan. In a blinded evaluation, there was a 90 percent correlation in recognizing improvement in skin laxity.” Don Groot, MD, Director, Groot Dermasurgery Center, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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